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Peanut & the BIG Feelings: A Guidebook for Children

Peanut is a kid with really BIG feelings. This interactive guidebook invites 3-12 year olds to join Peanut on the journey to emotional regulation using advanced techniques from the fields of mind-body psychology and neurobiology. Brilliant, inspiring, and refreshing, this book helps adults teach children essential tools for a happy, healthy, and successful life. Includes an implementation guide for parents, teachers, and therapists by educator and author/illustrator Jenifer Trivelli, M.S.

This book is a must-have resource for every professional who works with children who have BIG feelings. It is a simple step by step guide that supports our physiologically innate way of processing stressors which leads to an increase of resiliency. -Carmen Heidecke, MA, SEP

I love this book because it provides real, concrete, step-by-step tools to help kids when they are experiencing those "big feelings." The story was easy for my son to understand, and the explanation of the science & activities in the back was easy for me to understand. It's a book that truly makes me feel empowered as a parent, instead of overwhelmed and helpless. I'm excited to work together with my son to explore his emotions and practice Jenifer's tips for handling them effectively. I wish more parenting books were this useful! I am eager to share this book with my friends. -Stephanie Matlock Allen, mom to a 3-year-old boy

Here is an engaging children’s story with BIG content! Jenifer’s explanation and intuitive terminology presents the brain’s protective mechanism that brings on strong emotions. As the story unfolds, Wise Owl shares with Peanut some practical ways to ease big feelings. Jenifer Trivelli writes from the heart – and the brain. Peanut and Wise Owl are endearing characters. -Lucie Gouin

Peanut and the Big Feelings will be part of our routine! Having a 3 year old with lots of big feelings, I am very keen on having a systematic approach in hand to help us all navigate these challenging times. This is a book with an easy to follow dialogue between two very engaging characters for a child to follow, and a practical implementation guide for any parent to use. I am looking forward to working with my son on all of Wise Owl's lessons, and to watch my son grow like Peanut as he learns to use his inside tools to feel better about relating to the outside world! -Shannon Forrestall, MSPT

This book is filled with helpful information for both parents and children. The step-by-step approach to coping with big feelings feels like something our family can use right away. The first time we read it, my child immediately asked me to read this book again. - Melissa Lindley


Jenifer Trivelli resides in the Pacific Northwest and is a mom of two with a graduate degree in Counseling. She specializes in social-emotional education - coaching parents, training organizations, and teaching yoga for kids through her company WiseMind Educational Services LLC. Jenifer thrives at the intersection of neurobiology, attachment theory, relationships, and trauma healing.

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Jamie’s Gift co-authors Jenifer Trivelli & Brinsley Hammond-Brouwer

Jamie’s Gift co-authors Jenifer Trivelli & Brinsley Hammond-Brouwer


Jamie’s Gift: A Young Teen’s Guide to Fears, Worries, and Other Life Challenges (Like Being Irritated By Other People)

co-authored by 13 year old Brinsley Hammond-Brouwer

Jamie is just like any other 13-year-old (on the outside). School, siblings, parents, peers. Loves music and art and time spent alone. But hidden inside are fears, insecurities and self-doubt; and the push-and-pull of relating to others. Jamie rediscovers a timely guide and begins a new journey of self-discovery and the gift of feeling deeply.

Jamie's late grandfather left behind some old writings that had never been published. A series of events unfold that send Jamie delving into the wisdom between the yellowing pages of text. What follows is Jamie's personal accounting of the tools found inside; tools no one has ever talked about before. Tools that change Jamie's world and life path forever.

Jamie's Gift is an engaging and thought-provoking book that speaks to the hearts and minds of young teens. Readers are invited into Jamie's world as they learn and grow together. Through their beautiful writing collaboration, Brinsley and Jenifer offer real life situations that young teens can relate to, while also integrating the wisdom of neuroscience in terms that are understandable and applicable. The questions and experiments support young teens (and their caregivers) to more fully understand who they are, find meaning in how they respond and provide strategies to navigate this very important developmental stage. Most of all, Jamie's Gift provides a sense of connection and comfort knowing none of us are alone on our journey of self-discovery and growth. - Kim Buller, LCSW, RPT-S

Jamie's Gift is a thought-provoking book that is fun to read and is an effective tool to help you cope with your emotions. You can tell Brinsley and Jenifer put a lot of thought and research into their writing. Even though you are learning a lot about your emotions while reading the book, it is never boring or like a text book. I like that the authors used a fun story to teach you about your emotions and how to effectively use them. The book is highly interactive, and my favorite part is the helpful tips. This book would be very useful for tweens and teens that are trying to figure out how to deal with their emotions. -Cady McManus, age 11

Jamie's Gift is an excellent tool for finding ways to deal with complex emotions using many different strategies. The authors did an amazing job of taking complex neurological concepts and simplifying them so that any person can use them and understand them quickly. The story showcases the strategies well and provides guidelines for deciding when to use them. Jamie's Gift provides a fun and informative read for people of any age who are trying to deal with overpowering and confusing emotions. The explanation of why it is so hard to think logically with large emotions can be very helpful for people who are having trouble standing back and dealing with their emotions. -Dante Greenwood-Ives, age 13


Jenifer Trivelli, M.S. resides in the Pacific Northwest and is a mom of two with a graduate degree in Counseling. She specializes in social-emotional education - coaching parents, training organizations, and teaching yoga for kids through her company WiseMind Educational Services LLC .

Brinsley Hammond-Brouwer lives in Oregon with her parents, younger sister and brother, two cats and an insanely fluffy Goldendoodle. Some things she enjoys are: trees, books, sewing, dance, biking, manatees, blue, Goldendoodles, friends, kittens, drawing, spring, music, Star Wars, robotics, and writing. When she's not reading, she can be found sewing, at the dance studio or volunteering at the library.

Jamie’s Gift is also available from Amazon