Parent Coaching

Do you have a kiddo who feels really big feelings (anger, fear, anxiety, or even big excitement) – and may hit, become verbally abusive, run away, or withdraw/isolate as a mechanism to cope? With WiseMind Education’s Parent Coaching Services, you can learn how to help your children regulate their emotions and support them through difficult life transitions such as divorce, trauma, and loss.

We offer evidence-based guidance for a new generation of parents who sometimes feel lost on the journey of raising today’s kids. These parents want specific, targeted information and tools to support their children’s growth into happy, healthy, responsible, and connected adults.

What You Can Expect

  • A confidential, non-judgmental, understanding approach.

  • Guidance specific to the unique needs of your family through deep listening and intentional exploration of the challenges you face.

  • Information from emerging research in neurobiology, counseling theory, and direct experience working with children.

  • Targeted interventions you can use with your child, and support while you implement them.

  • May or may not include direct work with the child and/or the family as a whole.


*We do not contract with insurance companies nor provide licensed counseling services. However, your Health Savings Account may cover services.